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Taking Deposit's Now For 2021 Summer/Fall Breeding's.  See Breeding Page & Contact me for full details.

*Stud Service Available*
Onsite or we can ship semen.  Contact me for full details. 
NEW WEBSITE COMING By December 2020:) 

Having somewhere to go is Home, Having someone to love is Family, Having both is a Blessing...

Always Remember To Hug Your American Bulldog AND Cherish Every Second You Have With Them!    To our Past and Future puppy owners, We are Thankful & Blessed by all the Friendships we've made. Thank you for being a special part of our American Bulldog Family:)

The Bull Stops Here!!!! Diesel(R.I.P), Paige(R.I.P.), Ginger, Buster, Patches(R.I.P), Little Ann(R.I.P.), Cappy(R.I.P.), Mack(R.I.P.), Gemma, Sadie, Ziggy, Khloe, Harlee, Stormy, Max D, Nova, Mia and Clyde....

Just a little bit about how we feel about all of our American bulldogs. Our American Bulldogs are treated just like their our kids...We DO NOT sell our adult dogs. Each of our American Bulldogs have always been and always will be Our Family Pets. We want to pass on to our puppy owners the joy we get from our American Bulldogs. Puppies purchased from Candy's American Bulldog Kennel will be up to date on shots as per age, wormed every two weeks until they are able to go to their new forever home at 8 weeks of age and they all will come with a welcome pack from Purnia Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy Food.  All puppies have a 6 month health guarantee and are registered NKC.  Our Kennel is registered with the State of Pennsylvania (which I get 2 inspections per year), and NKC.



Thank you for visiting Candy's Kennel.  We are located South of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania close to the border of West Virginia.  We take great pride in our American Bulldogs.  We could not have picked a better breed for our family. They have brought so much love and joy to our lives   That is exactly why we decided to start Candy's Kennel.  Diesel was our first American Bulldog, he is a 4th generation of "Chance" from the movie "Homeward Bound".  We live way out in the country so all of our American Bulldogs have lots of room to run and play.  They love to swim in the creek in our front yard, play ball, lay in the sun and play in the snow in the winter. I could go on and on about them.  All 11 of ours are like our children.  WE WILL NEVER SELL OUR ADULT AMERICAN BULLDOGS!    


The American Bulldog is a breed of a domestic dog.  Though larger in size they are the closest surviving relative of the Old English Bulldog.  The American Bulldog is a stocky and well built, strong-looking dog and very athletic.  Their coat is short and generally smooth.  The breed is a light to moderate shedder.  Their life span is generally 10-12 years old.  This breed bonds strongly with their masters, family and are great with children.

Please note that our American Bulldog puppies fully grown average a weight somewhere between 110 - 145 lbs.  They are typically 26-30" tall from the shoulders. They are strong, loving and loyal family pets.  Very smart and quick to learn. 

Please know that we want our puppies to go to homes that will give them all the love and care that we give them.  Getting a puppy does take a lot of time and patient.  You will go thru stages like the biting, nipping, chewing, and dealing with the potty training. American Bulldogs are very smart and quick to learn.  This stage does take patience.  Please make sure you have the patience and time to deal with the puppy stage. Puppies will be puppies (all breeds) and it is so rewarding once they are past that.  We try to start teaching the puppies as soon as 6 weeks  old on potty training and obedience.  We are always here for our American Bulldog Puppy Families if you have any questions or concerns.

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