Candy's American Bulldog Kennel, LLC
Spraggs, Pennsylvania
For more information on my breeding's, Please Email me at for full details or Call house # @ 
724-451-8122 or 
Text @ 724-710-4392.
Thank you!  

For my Fall/Winter & 2020 Breeding's.  
Contact me for full details. 

*Stud Service Available*
 Onsite or we can ship. Contact me for full details.
To our past and Future Puppy Owners, We are Thankful and Blessed for all the friendships we have made.  Thank you for being a special part of Our American Bulldog Family.

Having somewhere to go is Home, Having someone to love is Family, Having both is a Blessing...

Always Remember To Hug Your American Bulldog AND Cherish Every Second You Have With Them...
We will Love & Miss you for the rest of our lives.  You three were the best Bulldogs Ever. 
R.I.P Patches 5-17-11 -3-10-19

R.I.P.Diesel 10-14-08 to 12-23-18

R.I.P. Mack 12-27-12 to 01-01-19


Please call or email for details...

A $300 NON REFUNDABLE deposit is required to reserve your pick for all puppies.  If for some reason there are not enough puppies in the litter or female does not take your deposit will be transferred to the next breeding of Your choice.  Please contact me for full price and more details on what you get when you purchase a puppy from our kennel. Thank you!

Need a crate, check out eBay... great prices (better then any local stores) and fast shipping usually within 1 week.

Once breeding takes place and all goes well, Puppies are due within 2 months and allowed to go to their forever home at 8 weeks old. Usually litters are 10 to 12 puppies.

Below are my list of my future breeding's.  The time is when the Females will be coming into heat and breeding will take place.  

SADIE & ZIGGY... Waiting on Heat.

1.)Bagnell Clan 1.)D. Family
2.)Barbuto Family 2.) George B

3.) Mykeloff Family 3.) Kent Family
4.) Rhoda Family
5.) Pioggia Family

KHLOE & ZIGGY ...Late August/September
1.) Burbey Family
2.) Brown Family candy's kennel 3.) Bucci 1.) L. Gekoski
2.) Joey M. 3.) K. Dombrowski
4.) J. McCollum
5.) C. Hayes

STORMY & ZIGGY....October
1.)Paige Allison Family 1.) Goff Family
2.) Ackman Family                    2.) Robin W.
3.)      3.) B. Heuer

Harlee & Remington...October
1.) Mather Family 1.) Metzler 2.) Finan Family 2.) J. Woodbury 3.) Stewart Family 3.) Church Family
4.) Cashen Family
5.) K. Berry
6.)McGuire Family
7.) B. Heuer
2020 Breeding's

Khloe & Max D
1.) 1.) Ian C. 2.) 2.) 3.) 3.)


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